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The Artists of Eastbrook Academy

Article by Caleb Oglesby. Film by Kim Schill and Nyasia Hawkins

Have you wondered what amazing projects our Art students have been working on? Well if that’s the case, then you don’t need to wonder anymore. My editors Kim Schill and Nyasia Hawkins, along with myself, did an interview with the students taking Sculpture and 3D Design, and here is what all of those ingenious students were working on.

The overall assignment was a casting project, where they’d have to cast their body parts and place their project somewhere in the school.

The first group of Armon Ashford (‘23) and Christopher Martin (‘23) had the plan to cast their arms and position them to appear as if a person was appearing and attacking someone. Their process was to use Saran wrap and packing tape to go over their arms and glue it on the wall. They said they were inspired by a project done in the past, where someone had done the same thing but used the whole body. When asked for their initial idea, Martin said, “We started out with plaster and it ended up being too time consuming, so we decided to use Saran wrap and masking tape. So be aware of what your expectations are for the project.”

Christabel Olusegun (‘25) and Mary LeSac (‘25) had a different approach to their project. They made a person going through a portal, the top half of them resting on the ground holding a phone, and hanging on the ceiling above them would be the lower half of their body. They used Saran wrap, tape to cover it, and shreds of paper. According to LeSac, the project was easy with two people, since one person would be the model for the casting, and the other would begin the actual process of casting. When asked about what made them come up with the idea of this, LeSac said, “Cause like seeing so many people spending so much time on their phones I guess…because their phones are like a bottomless pit.”

Instead of looking to the past or their surroundings for inspiration, Ubong Morgan (‘24) and Paul Ayodabo’s (‘24) project had to do with basketball, due to their classmate’s Zaelyn Noel’s (‘25) love of the sport. They used the same materials as the other groups, and had the idea of a hand holding a basketball. They didn't encounter many troubles with their project either. I am glad to report on the ideas coming from our artists, and even more so in seeing their casting projects displayed in our halls, almost as if they were statues telling their own stories.

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