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What’s Up With The Arctic Water In EBA’s Girls HS Bathroom?

One of the ongoing problems that all females at EBA in the High school are experiencing, is the freezing cold water in the girls bathroom. It causes a lot of frustration and sometimes anger.

Aliyah Ayinla (‘23) said, “I think usually when you go in there and use the bathroom you're not expecting it to be cold and you just put your hand in and it's freezing. I think it ruins my mood; it just makes me upset because I'm like Why is the water so cold? And it's literally always cold around the school, so that's just another cold thing about the school that I don't like.”

This was just one girl that was interviewed to talk about how she feels about the cold water in the bathroom. Just her quote alone should be enough to prove the frustrations that are felt by the Highschool girls.

To prove the difference between the water in the girls bathroom and the boys bathroom, I did a small experiment.

Using two regular cups I added water from the girls bathroom in one and the boys in the other. Then I called Ayinla and Isaiah Dean (‘24), who is a representative from the boys’ bathroom, to be my “subjects” for the interview.

During the experiment, these were a few comments made by the subjects:

“Woah that's cold.” said Dean (‘24), on the girls’ water from the sink.

“ Oh the girls is definitely colder. Yeah," said Ayinla.

When asked about what should be done on the issue, Ayinla said, “I think they just need to fix the boiler or something because I’m pretty sure that's what the problem is.”

According to Dean and a small piece of input from Miss Love, a highschool teacher, the cold water has been the problem in the High school level for the longest time.

A lot of people are trying to figure out why the water is still so cold if the problem has been around for so long. It seems a little unfair to some because there is nowhere else in the school with water as cold as the girls' High School bathroom.

When will the problem finally be fixed?

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